Dichotomy Bracelet

Cliff Swain-Salomon

September 8
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Level - Intermediate to Advanced




In a world of manmade structures coexisting with nature, it is sometimes difficult to find harmony and balance. The geometric shapes in this piece represent the beauty of architectural structures juxtaposed with lush majestic landscapes. The bracelet can be worn with the geometric clasp and large rivoli on top of the wrist, or rotated to reveal the luxurious crystal fringe.

In addition to the dichotomy of the natural and artificial world in which we live, Cliff wanted to pay homage to the first two beadweavers who influenced him, Laura McCabe and Jean Power. The top embellishments on the rivoli give tribute to Lauraís style that first inspired Cliff to take up this art form, and the geometry of the beaded triangle clasp is a nod to Jeanís geometric work that prompted him to experiment with contrasting beading styles. This piece combines peyote, RAW, Herringbone and fringe stitching.



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