Victoria Necklace

Betty Stephan

Saturday, August 24

10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Level - Intermediate to Advanced




This intricately textured necklace combines bead embroidery and bead weaving. But don't worry if you are not an expert in either- as long as you have a little experience, you will be able to make this necklace -it's not as difficult as it appears. You will be incorporating many different materials into this necklace with bead embroidery-chain, cup chain, filigree, small drops. You will learn an easy way to use those large teardrop Swarovski crystals in bead embroidery-and a quick bezel.

Students will explore bead embroidery using chain, cup chain, drops, filigree as embellishment, also an easy way to use a 20x30 mm crystal and a quick bezel for thick focals. The neck chain weaves Gem Duos into an easy but beautiful pattern.



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