Love Song Cuff Bracelet

Betty Stephan

Friday, August 23

10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Level - Intermediate to Advanced



Create a beautiful and unique cuff bracelet with your own variations. The centerpiece of this cuff is cording that winds it's way around a large pear shaped Swarovski crystal. It then wanders through the whole bracelet giving the piece nice flow and texture. There will be enough materials in the kit so you can personalize your cuff, or follow the instructions to make one just like the sample. A beautiful edging using Soutache adds the finishing touch. Don't worry- this class is not difficult!

Students Will Learn: Many different bead embroidery stitches will be covered, as well as tips for creating your own design. The class will cover using cording as an embellishment in bead embroidery and a fun way to incorporate Soutache in the edging for a beautiful finish.




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