The Old Tower Necklace

Alla Maslenninkova

June 26 & 27
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  EST

Level - Intermediate to Advanced


This workshop will be held on the Zoom app.  You must have a laptop or tablet with a camera and microphone and a WiFi connection. Zoom is a free app and easy to download on either a Windows or Apple platform.

Directions and any materials you require will be mailed, so please register early to insure that you receive the materials before the class!

We are so happy to present Alla Maslenninkova, an acclaimed bead embroidery artist from Russia, who is known not only for her elegant and beautifully balanced jewelry, but also for her ability to use texture and color to create depth and complexity in her magical designs.

"This design is a story of the Old Tower that was a part of ancient castle, that must have been beautiful and full of life. But now that hundreds years have passed, the castle is gone, no one lives that lonely place.

But nature is never lonely. Moss and grass are everywhere, flowers still burst into bloom in spring. And while the Old Tower stands still hiding its secrets, life is going on, telling new stories.

As to techniques, we'll try 3D-embroidery, freeform embroidery and we'll learn to build towers of beads."


Kit required, $TBD


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