Egyptian Goddess

Nancy Cain

December 5
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  EST

Level - Intermediate


"Hathor was the daughter of Ra and the patron goddess of women, love, beauty, pleasure, and music. She was depicted in three forms: as a cow, as a woman with the ears of a cow, and as a woman wearing the headdress of a cow’s horns over a disc with falcon feathers. In this last manifestation, she holds the solar disc between her horns.

In designing this necklace, I have taken artistic license and used an 18mm Swarovski crystal bead with a large 2mm polished center-hole as the sun with the falcon feathers descending below it. The large-hole crystal allows for 8/0 seed beads to be strung within adding an additional color layer. The embellished rope of Chenille represents the cow horns."

Kit required, $TBD.


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